Azadi Teaching Hospital

Azadi Teaching Hospital
7224061,7224074, 7221737, 7619501, 4820253, 4820851

The Departments:- Cardiology, Enternal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Surgery, Gyne & Obstetric, Psychiatric, Radiology, Laboratory, Administration & technical.

Address (geography location):- Nakhoshkhana Road :8-1014 AM.

Area:-Hospital building (8000m2),Whole hospital area (45000m2).

Population Area:- 100000.

Number of Employee:- (373) Doctor, 915 other staff, Total No. (1288).

Number of daily client:- 750 Services:-Curative service for patients and teaching services for students of boyh college og medicine and nursery.

Telephone:-7224061,7224074, 7221737, 7619501, 4820253, 4820851.

ATH is the only general hospital in Duhok city now. It has been constructed by Marubeni Company (Japanese) in 1984.

The hospital has 8 floors and several accessories around the hospital; total 490 beds.

  • First floor: it contains CCU (10 beds), ICU (4 beds) and cardiology ward. Also it contains 5 operating theaters.
  • Second floor: gynecology department, including delivery rooms and 2 emergency theater rooms. Also premature unit.
  • Third floor: general surgery ward.
  • Fourth floor: internal medicine ward.
  • Fifth floor: south wing: urology ward, north wing: ENT and ophthalmology ward.
  • Sixth floor: south wing: burn unit, north wing: gynecology ward.

In addition to that in the ground floor (zero floor) we have radiology department, laboratory department and physiotherapy unit, medical emergency unit, and 2 theatres for gynecology. Consultation clinics for surgery, medicine, urology, cardiology, ENT, ophthalmology, infertility, plastic and oncology. Furthermore there is an underground floor that contains the washing and laundry unit in addition to the kitchen and restaurant. In 2007, 4 new departments are opened: "Duhok heart center (DHC)", "Duhok gastroenterology and hepatology center (DGHC)" and "psychiatric department" and "new nursery house". The accessories of hospital include: radiology unit, psychiatric department, DGHC, two Doctor residences, 1 nursing residence, nursery house, drug warehouse and maintenance workshop. The hospital has almost all specialties in the fields of medicine. Although some of them transferred to emergency hospital like orthopedics and neurosurgery. In the field of surgery and its subspecialties, there are 23 surgeons including general surgery, urology, cardiothoracic, plastic surgery, ENT, ophthalmology. In the field of internal medicine there are 14 specialties in various branches including general medicine, cardiology, psychiatry, neurology and respiratory. Regarding obstetric and gynecology, there are 6 specialists and 2 general practitioners. In our hospital some procedures of minimally invasive surgery are performed in general surgery, gynecology and urology. Also advanced operations in urology, plastic surgery and cardiothoracic surgery are performed. In the last year, 3 cases of renal transplantation have been done in the hospital. In the last 2 years the hospital is recognized as a center for training of Iraqi board of general surgery, urology, gynecology & internal medicine. There are a considerable number of post-graduate students in the hospital. At the time being and for the last 2 years, the cleaning process of the hospital is more organized through signing a contract with a specialized company that has been providing essential necessary equipment and detergents for that purpose. Also in this year we have signed a contract with a company providing meal to the patients and medical staff in the hospital. During the last 5 years the number of patients coming to Azadi hospital is increasing owing to bad security situation in the neighboring province of Mosul. We are looking forward to increase the number of subspecialties in our hospitals with all necessary equipments and well trained staff.

Director of Azadi Hospital  :

Dr. Afrasiab Moses Younis /Master of Forensic Medicine and Master of Business Administration

Cell phone: + 964 750 450 1343 

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